Hey! Architects who switched to culinary constructions on plates. From concrete to the mousse. From robust to creamy, rich and tender, but our main working principles remains the same: planning, designing and constructing – with a twist. 

We eat our work in the end! Therefore we strive to fulfill attributes like luscious, healthy, sustainable, and flavourful. Our main focus is visual materials depicting culinary experiences with food, dishes or food-related products.

Currently, we capture our visual stories in Europe, Slovenia and we are working with people from a variety of industries and professions. Together we believe that we can make a difference to people's lives through food.

We love to work with big and small clients, as long as there is something good on the table – we are always into curious, shiny people and delicious projects.

Stay hungry, stay foolish!

Miha & Katja

Our production has been published in a range of print and online mediums all over the world, clients include:

Hubert Burda Media


Slowly veggie

Lust auf Genuss

das Schmekt!

Sweet Dreams

Publishing house Pivec


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